Airtel Internet Offer 2021 Minute Bundle, SMS

If you are interested to know  Airtel internet offer 2021, read this article carefully. Because today I will share all the latest Airtel internet offer 2021. It will be really a helpful article for the airtel users who are looking for an Airtel internet offer. Today I will share with you all the internet offers of Airtel SIM which you can use through your recharge. In the given bellow you will find Airtel internet offer which you really need. So enjoy the low price internet offer.

Airtel Internet Offer 2021

If you are interested in Airtel Internet offer I show you an internet offer on our website. Get all the Airtel recharge internet offer 2021.

Internet Pack Active Code Validity Price BDT 
500 MB *123*025# 3Days BDT 29


1GB 4GB *123*022# 3 Days  BDT 22 
1.5GB *123*038# 3 Days  BDT 38 
1.5GB+50 Minute *123*098# 7 Days  BDT 98
1.5GB *123*089# BDT 89 BDT 89
2GB *123*059# 5Days BDT 59
2GB *123*044#  3Days BDT 44
3GB *123*104# 7Days  BDT 104 
1GB+100Minute+100 SMS *123*148# 7Days  BDT 148
3GB *123*054# 3Days BDT 54 
1GBfacebook&Ins *123*012# 30Days BDT 12
1 GB only Pubg *123*033# 30Days  BDT 33
2GB *123*229#  30Days BDT 299
5GB *123*129# 7Days BDT 129
5GB *123*159# 10Days BDT 159
6 GB *123*159#  10Days BDT 159
6GB *123*148# 7Days  BDT 148
7GB *123*179#  10Days BDT 179
7GB *123*498# 30Days BDT 498
10GB *123*052# 7Days BDT 399
20GB *123*053# 28Days BDT 500
30GB *123*998# 28Days BDT 998

Airtel MB Offer

Now I will show you the best Airtel MB offer 2021 which you searching for. You can findout easily which is best offer for you. So keep your eyes in the given below.

Internet  Validity
Activation Code
Price BDT
1.5GB 7 Days *123*089# BDT 89
3GB 7 Days *123*104#  BDT 104
1.5GB+50min 3 Days *123*089#  BDT 98
5GB 5 Days *123*129# BDT129




10 Days  *123*159# BDT159
7GB 10 Days *123*179# BDT179

Airtel Internet Package

Airtel SIM company provides internet offer 2021 and minute bundle for the Airtel internet users. We know that Airtel provides fasted internet speed. It is the second-largest SIM operator in Bangladesh.  Every month it gives offers for all the users so that users can find their valuable offer which they need badly. It is known to all that all the Airtel users always search for Data Bundle and minute offer. So Airtel SIM company always offers minute and Data bundle.

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Final Word

We always try to give you all the latest internet offer which you need. On this website, you will find all the information from here. So keep visiting our site. Stay with us.

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