Video Footage Leaked: Alabama man froze to death in jail after officers put him in freezer

An Alabama detainee who stuck to death in prison was possible constrained into a cooler as discipline, as per another government claim.

Walker Region Prison authorities purportedly positioned Anthony “Tony” Mitchell, 33, “in a limitation seat in the prison kitchen’s stroll in cooler or comparable cold requirement and left [him] there for a really long time,” perhaps “as discipline for delegates who ‘had a period with Tony,'” as per the objection.

He passed on Jan. 26.

“While Tony grieved bare and passing on from hypothermia in the early morning long periods of January 26 and his opportunities for endurance streamed away.

Various prison guards and clinical staff meandered over to his open cell entryway to spectate and be engaged by his condition,” the protest states.

Video Footage

Photos included in the complaint show officers handling Mitchell, who appears limp, in various areas throughout the jail.

Mitchell’s body temperature was apparently 72 degrees when jail officials put him in a sheriff’s vehicle on the morning of Jan. 26 and drove him to the hospital rather than calling an ambulance, according to the lawsuit.

The doctor who inspected Mitchell composed the accompanying: “I don’t know what conditions the patient was held in detainment however it is hard to comprehend a rectal temperature of 72° F 22° centigrade while somebody is detained in prison.

Video Footage

The reason for his hypothermia isn’t clear. It is conceivable he had a basic ailment bringing about hypothermia. I couldn’t say whether he might have been presented to a cool climate. I really do accept that hypothermia was a definitive reason for his demise.”

The Walker County Medical Examiner has yet to release Mitchell’s autopsy report, but “it is clear that Tony’s death was wrongful, the result of horrific, malicious abuse and mountains of deliberate indifference,” the lawsuit states.

Mitchell’s mother, Maragret Mitchell, brought the lawsuit against Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith, 10 corrections officers, two nurses and one investigator.

Video Footage

The Walker County Jail told Fox News Digital it is not making any comments at this time.

The complaint also mentions a corrections officer who displayed “heroism” when she “dared to preserve security camera footage on her phone and get the recordings to the [Mitchell] Estate.”

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office initially arrested Mitchell on Jan. 12, when they received a phone call from one of his “concerned” family members saying Mitchell made statements insinuating that he could “harm himself or others,” the sheriff’s office said in a Jan. 13 Facebook post.

“Mitchell immediately brandished a handgun, and fired at least one shot at Deputies before retreating into a wooded area behind his home,” the sheriff’s office said at the time.

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