Arlana Miller Cause of Death – What Happened With Her? Is She Died by Suicide?

Arlana Miller was a cheerleader of Southern University. She is now announced dead in Thursday. She is no more in this world.

What happened with Arlana Miller?

Arlana Miller was a 19 years old cheerleader at Southern University and A&M College, a historically Black school in Louisiana.

The school did not share the cause of her death, but its athletic department said it had confirmed Miller had died after being “notified of a social media post which ultimately led to this unfortunate announcement.”

Is Arlana Miller died by suicide and why?

The cause of her death and how did she die that is not clear. But the athletic department of the college had confirmded that her death was held after the Instagram post.

It is being heard in public that she commited suicide. But the original death reason is not clear. When the death reason will clear we will talk about that.

What is the Instagram post of Arlana Miller?

In a recent Instagram post that has since been removed, Miller indicated she planned to take her own life after years of struggling with her mental health. She cited the COVID-19 pandemic, tearing her ACL ligament and struggling in classes as recent hurdles.

The university’s cheerleading coach, Floyd Sias, described Miller as an integral part of the team.

“Arlana made an impact on our team in a short time,” he said in a statement.

Also said that, “She was extremely dedicated to her sport, a tremendously hard worker, and a warm and engaging young woman. We will miss her. Our thoughts are with her family; her teammates and friends.”

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