How To Buy GP Minutes?

How To Buy GP Minutes? Most of the GP SIM users search this. In Bangladesh, most people use Gp SIM. Because Gp is the most usable SIM in Bangladesh. It is the number one Telecom company in Bangladesh. Gp telecom company always give their operator users latest offer such as Gp Internet Offer, Gp Minute Offer, Gp SMS Offer. Many users are want to buy minutes at a low price for Talktime. Now, we will discuss all the Gp minutes offer in 2021. So to know more details about Gp minutes offer, keep your eyes in the below.

How to buy Gp minutes

How To Buy Gp Minutes?

If you are a Gp SIM user and you want to buy Gp minutes, then this article is going to be more interesting for you. Here we will share all the latest Gp minutes offer information. To buy Gp minutes, you have to recharge or dialing a code. In the given below, we will share a Gp minute offer list. Just check the list given below.

Gp Minute Offer List

Get all the Gp minute offer list from the table & enjoy the offer.

Recharge Or Dial Code Minute Pack( any local number)
6 Tk or  Dial*121*4024# 10 minutes
14 Tk or Dial*121*4001# 21 Minutes
16 Tk or Dial *121*4207# 25 Minutes
24 Tk or Dial *121*4002# 37 Minutes
30 Tk recharge 48 Minutes
44 Tk or Dial*121*4003# 67 Minutes
53 Tk or Dial *121*4004# 77 minutes
59 Tk or dial *121*4205# 90 minutes
64 Tk or dial *121*4206# 100 minutes
78 Tk or dial*121*4026# 120 minutes
99 Tk or dial*121*4006# 160 minutes
117 Tk or dial*121*4007# 190 minutes
151Tk 250 minutes
182 Tk 300 minutes
199 Tk or dial*121*4018# 310 minutes
233 Tk or dial*121*4008# 350 minutes
298 Tk or dial*121*5074# 480 minutes
307 Tk or dial*121*4208# 500 minutes
604Tk or dial*121*4209# 1000 minutes

It is very easy to buy Gp minutes. Just follow the instruction which we have provided. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Stay connected to know more.

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