Claude Cahun-A famous French surrealist photographer, sculptor, and writer

Claude Cahun was a French surrealist photographer, sculptor, and writer. She is known to all as a writer and self-portraitist, who assumed a variety of performative personae. Cahun’s work is both political and personal. In Disavowals, she wrote: “Masculine?

Claude Cahun was born on October 25, 1894. She was born in Nantes in France, into a prominent Jewish family. Her family was authors and journalists. Cahun was raised by their grandmother at a young age. Because her mother suffered from mental illness. Google is honoring the 127th birthday of French author, photographer, and anti-war provocateur Claude Cahun with a homepage Doodle.

Claude Cahun Life History

Claude Cahun became friends with Marcel Moore. Their friendship grew into artistic collaboration and a romantic relationship two. The two changed their names together to be gender-neutral rather than feminine a few years later. Cahun was especially opposed to the traditional gender binary.

Cahun was a feminine bodybuilder. Along with their photography, Claude Cahun was a prolific author, between short stories, novels, and essays, often in collaboration with Moore. Cahun never pursued art for the sake of notoriety. The two collaboration and their photography did not receive their due recognition until the 1990s.

Cahun’s work has been acknowledged as being at the forefront of surrealism, as well as an impressive challenge to the oppressive gender and sexual norms of the 1920s, receiving acclaim from the Institute of Contemporary Arts and beyond.

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