Dave Chappelle attacked onstage by armed man while performing at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl – See Why?

Los Angeles police have captured the one who went after comic Dave Chappelle in front of an audience during the “Netflix is a Joke” Festival. 23-year-old Isaiah Lee was accused of attack with a lethal weapon after the LAPD affirm he bounced in front of an audience at the Hollywood Bowl, pointed an imitation handgun with a blade edge joined, and handled Chappelle. Police are as yet exploring a potential rationale.

The assault was recorded by a crowd of individuals who snuck mobile phones to the scene. One observer let NPR know that incidentally during his standup routine before the episode, the entertainer had discussed his reinforced security.

Others noticed that Chappelle had spoken about the new Oscars episode in which Best Actor champ Will Smith slapped moderator Chris Rock over a kid about Smith’s better half, Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences researched the occurrence and restricted Smith from every one of its occasions, for all intents and purposes or face to face, for a considerable length of time.

Chappelle seemed safe, and apparently kidded that his assailant “Was a trans man.” Earlier in the set, he said he felt went after by transsexual individuals who reprimanded his previous material as transphobic.

For instance, in his Netflix extraordinary “The Closer” last October, Chappelle kidded about trans ladies and their genitalia.

An observer let NPR know that soon after the occurrence, she saw Chappelle and safety officers pursue the man behind the stage.

At the point when he returned, he allegedly referred to his attacker as “cumbersome” and said, “I’ve been doing this 35 years.

After the occurrence, Netflix sent an explanation to NPR that read, “We care profoundly about the wellbeing of makers and we unequivocally protect the right of professional comics to perform in front of an audience unafraid of brutality.”

This isn’t the primary episode in Hollywood since the “slap heard ’round the world” at the Academy Awards. In March, a man purportedly took out a firearm at a Hollywood satire club went to by previous world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

All things considered, the club benefactor allegedly said it was a joke, not a danger, and told Tyson he was a fan. The ex-fighter is said to have answered him with a handshake and an embrace.

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