Rapper David Jolicoeur Cause Of Death – How Did He Die? He was 54

David Jolicoeur who was one of the three founding members of De La Soul has died at the age of 54. Sources familiar with the situation tell the rapper passed away Sunday at a hospital in Maryland.

In recent years, Mr. Jolicoeur has openly discussed a struggle with congestive heart failure, including in a music video for the group’s song “Royalty Capes.”

De La Soul arrived with the album “3 Feet High and Rising” in 1989, a time when hip-hop was still relatively new to the mainstream.

The genre’s public face was often confrontational, with groups like Public Enemy and N.W.A speaking out about the racism, police violence and neglect faced by Black communities in America.

By contrast, De La Soul three middle-class young men from Long Island  presented themselves with hippie floral designs and a music video set in a high school for their song “Me Myself”

De La Soul was unique in that they emerged in one decade, but seamlessly transitioned into another  all while adapting their style and production to keep up with the times.

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