Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Schedule And Ticket Price 2021

Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Schedule And Ticket Price. Many people travel Dhaka to Rajshahi by train every day. This is the daily routine of thousands of people. Most of the people travel by train because it is safe and not boring. There is also cause that there is no traffic jam problem in train travel. For that thousands of people travel train every day. Most of the people search the train schedule of Dhaka to Rajshahi railway station every day. Clear I am going to discuss Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule. If you are looking for Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule, this article will be helpful for you. Here I also provide the train ticket price and how to buy tickets online. So get ready for the information.


If you want to travel Dhaka to Rajshahi by train, you must know the exact schedule of 4 running trains. Sometimes the train schedule fails because of some technical reason. So departure time is not exactly as the timetable is shown on the Bangladesh railway website chart. The journey by train may not be comfortable if the train fails to get started on actual time. We are giving here all the information about the train timetable and seat price. Just make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule 2021

Here I am going to give you the train schedule of Dhaka to Rajshahi. The distance between Dhaka to Rajshahi is 245 km long. On this road, there runs a different type of train. These are Padma Express, DhoomKetu Express, City Express.

  1. City Express, Off Day Sunday, Departure 11:45, Arrival 20:35
  2. Padma Express, Off Day Tuesday, Departure 23:00, Arrival 4:30
  3. Dhuketu Express, Off Day Saturday, Departure 6:00, Arrival 11:40
  4. Bonolota Express, Off Day Friday, Departure 13:30, Arrival 18:15

Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Ticket Price 2021

Most of the people search for the Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price. Here I will provide a list of Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket prices. Get Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price.

  1. Shuvon Chair Seat-340 Taka(15% Vat)
  2. Snigdha Seat- 570 taka
  3. Ac Seat-680 taka
  4. Ac Birth Seat-1020 Taka

Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Ticket Online

Now come to train ticket online. Many people cut train tickets online. Because of technology, online train ticket cut is very easy now. Get your online ticket Dhaka to Rajshahi Bonolota train in the official website of the Bangladesh railway station. You also get Dhumketu Express, silk Express, and another train ticket online. If you want to book a ticket from Dhaka to Rajshahi online, first, you have to go to the official Bangladesh railway website. After that, you will see the train name, seat name, and seat price. Then get the ticket which you want. Get your train ticket which is suitable for you.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Bonolota Train Ticket Price

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train travel is really interesting. Distant is looking good and train price is also low. You can travel Dhaka to Rajshahi by train. Now get the train ticket price in the given below.

  1. Single Chair For adult 375 taka and for child 250 taka.
  2. Singdha For adults 725 taka and for child 483 taka.

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