Watch CCTV Video Footage: Dog Attack Leaves Man Dead, Woman In Critical Condition

A canine assault in a West San Antonio, Texas, private neighborhood Friday evening has left a roughly 80-year-elderly person dead and a lady in basic condition, the city’s local group of fire-fighters affirmed.

San Antonio Fire Skipper Charles Hood said in a question and answer session that answering firemen saw a “honorable man being hauled by a canine. They could see him totally bloodied before they got off of the truck.”

The pair were strolling on a walkway when the assault began.

He referred to the firemen as “courageous,” making sense of they needed to “fend off” two Staffordshire Terriers with pickaxes and line posts to get to the casualties in what he called a “horrendous scene.”

Hood said one firefighter was bitten on his leg but is expected to be OK, and another person reported being bitten on the hand.

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He said some of the responders are “emotionally probably scarred” from the incident, “because nobody expects to go out and fight dogs in a situation like they did today.”

Shannon Swim Sims, overseer of Creature Care Administrations at City of San Antonio said their specialization has guardianship of the canines and they have begun scrutinizing the proprietors. The canines are in isolation.

He added that the canines had been seized quite a while back for a “gentle chomp” and there have been different calls charging disregard on the proprietors’ part.

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A third canine that likewise wasn’t limited has additionally been taken into creature guardianship however Sims said it’s muddled assuming that canine was engaged with the assault.

The owners could face “potential” charges, he said.

Fox News Digital has reached out to the San Antonio fire and police departments.

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