Elon Musk has become the largest shareholder of Twitter & Bring Trump Back To Twitter

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey lamented the centralization of the internet, but at least had the self-awareness to admit that’s something he had a major hand in creating.

Dorsey tweeted on Saturday. ” discovery and identity into corporations really damaged the internet. I realize I’m partially to blame and regret it.”

Elon Musk has become the largest shareholder of Twitter, as reported by the Financial Times. In a document filed with the Social and Exchange Commission, Twitter reports that Musk now owns 73,486,938 shares of the company – 9.2 percent of Twitter’s stock. That’s more than former CEO and founder Jack Dorsey.

An enormous piece of what circulates around the web on other social locales like Instagram or TikTok – how patterns start – starts on Twitter.

It’s likewise a center for media people (to be completely forthright: such as myself), and that implies it outsized affects what makes the news.

The news comes after Musk took to Twitter last week to poll his 80 million followers asking if they believed that Twitter rigorously adheres to the principle that “Free Speech is essential to a functioning democracy.” Just over 70 percent of participants voted no.

When he stepped down from Twitter, Dorsey, still CEO of digital payments company Square, noted he’d have more time to focus on Bitcoin and crypto, which he likes, again, because of Square’s aim to create “decentralized financial services.”

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