Ernie Carroll cause of death – How did he die ?

Ernie ‘Ossie Ostrich’ Carroll, the resigned performer, comic author, television maker, and puppeteer has kicked the bucket at 92 years old on 30 March 2022.

Ernie Carroll was generally perceived for his job as Ossie Ostrich on Hey It’s Saturday, Cartoon Corner, and The Daryl and Ossie Show.

Ernie was the best funny cartoon author ever giving us full house diversion and putting a grin on the entirety of his watchers.

Ernie Carroll cause of death

Australian TV legend Ernie Carroll, who was Ossie Ostrich’s puppeteer on Hey It’s Saturday, has passed on matured 92.

He passed on from regular causes at his retirement home in Victoria on Wednesday.

He is made due by his accomplice Miffy Marsh, little girl Lynne and child Bruce.

Accolades from the showbiz world began pouring endless supply of his demise.

“It is with overpowering bitterness I declare the death of my cherished companion and tutor Ernie Carroll,” Hey It’s Saturday have Daryl Somers composed.

“I am so appreciative for Ernie’s initial direction of my vocation. He tried out me for the facilitating job on Cartoon Corner back in mid 1971.

“He was a man of not many words with a tranquil face yet when he talked he bestowed extraordinary insight… I cherished him without question. Find happiness in the hereafter Ern. Always in my heart.”

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