Friday’s Football Games- You Have To Know Five Things About It

Friday’s football games are different from other day’s games. Today, I will share all the updated information about Friday’s football games. You will be surprised to know about Friday’s football games. Let’s come to the topic.

  1. The  Class A Capital Division playoff will be changing a major on Friday. Because the game when starts everyone becomes excited when Averill Park (4-2 overall, 1-1 division) plays at La Salle (3-2, 1-0). In Friday’s game in Week 7 against Amsterdam (4-0, 2-0) with Averill Park. Averill Park wins the game in contention for a playoff slot.

2. The Class AA football game from the spring happens Friday. In this day,  Guilderland (4-1, 3-1) plays at Shaker (5-0, 4-0). During the spring, Shaker beat Guilderland 35-25 In WeekWeek 2. The Dutchmen made 22-21 in the championship game on April 30.

3. Glens Falls (4-1, 2-0) score on the top spot in the Class B North Division on Friday when Gloversville score (4-2, 1-0). But it is good to see that the Huskies gain the inside track on the No. 1 playoff from the division. Gloversville has to slow down Glens Falls when senior running back Griffin Woodell.

4. Schuylerville gets the No. 1 position. This is got from c division. Schuylerville wins on Friday at Cobleskill (4-1, 3-1). No 1 position is not easy. To get this position, each team has to work hard.

5. Each team’s playoffs from the Class C South Division which are clear with Watervliet, Voorheesville, Hudson, and Taconic Hills set to compete in Week 8. Watervliet (5-1, 5-0) create victory on Friday.

I collect all the information from google. So, here can be a mistake. If you have any questions about this information, please comment on the comment box. I will try to solve your problem. Thanks for reading the article.

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