GP Internet Offer 2022 Data Bundle, Minute Offer

Welcome to GP Internet Offer 2022 for all the GP SIM Users. Today we will discuss all kinds of GP offer. We will show you the GP internet offer, GP Minute bundle, GP SMS. By reading this article you will know how to buy GP internet and minute bundle. It’s an easy process to buy GP internet. Gp SIM company update their GP offer for the new year 2022. So we will provide all the offers here so that you can activate the internet offer at a cheap price.

GP Internet Offer 2022

If you are interested to buy the All GP bundle keep your eyes on the given below. Because we will show you all the latest internet bundle offer 2021 in the given below. GP company always offer internet and minute bundle for the users. So that user can buy Gp internet at low price. Gp company provide offer Daily, Weekly, Monthly and occasionally. All the Gp internet offer become interesting. Because they offer an internet bundle by remembering all the internet users.

Gp Daily Internet Offer

Data Volume Activation Code Data Price Validity
5MB *121*3002#  Tk. 2.74 3 days
512MB *121*3256# Tk. 28  3 days
1GB (512MB + 512MB 4G) *121*3366#  Tk. 38  3 days 
1GB *121*3399#  Tk. 46  3 days 
2.5GB (2GB+512MB 4G) *121*3242#  Tk. 57  3 days 
3.5GB (3GB+512MB 4G) *121*3282# Tk. 69  3 days
4.5GB (3GB+1.5GB 4G) MY GP Apps Tk. 76  3 days 

GP Weekly Internet Offer

Get GP Weekly internet package.

Data Volume Activation Code Data Price Validity
1GB *121*3056# Tk. 77 7 days
2GB *121*3322# Tk. 98 7 days
5GB (4GB+1GB) *121*3344# Tk. 114 7 days
6GB (4G) *121*3434# Tk. 124 7 days
8GB *121*3262# Tk. 148 7 days
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G) *121*3133# Tk. 198 7 days

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Gp Monthly Internet Package

Data Volume Activation Code Data Price Validity
1GB *121*3282# Tk. 189  30 days
3GB *121*3391# Tk. 289 30 days
5GB *121*3458#  Tk. 299 30 days
8GB *121*3474# Tk. 349  30 days
10GB  (2GB 4G) *121*3392# Tk. 399 30 days
10GB 4G (300 Min) *121*3448# Tk. 599 30 days
15GB *121*3459# Tk. 498 30 days
20GB (4G) *121*3459#


Tk. 499 30 days
25GB 4G + 600min *121*3435#  Tk. 989  30 days
25GB (5GB 4G) *121*3450# Tk. 649 30 days
50GB (20GB 4G) *121*3393# Tk. 998 30 days
60GB (4G) *121*3394# Tk. 999 30 days
100GB (4G) *121*3436# Tk. 1499 30 days
200GB (4G) *121*3437# Tk. 1999 30 days

 Gp Internet Package

GP SIM company provides internet offer 2022 and minute bundle for the GP users. It is known to all GP provides fasted internet speed. It is the Fiest largest SIM operator in Bangladesh.  Every month it gives offers for all the users so that users can find their valuable offers which they need badly. It is known to all that all the Airtel users always search for Data Bundle and minute offer. So GP company always offer minute and Data bundle.

Final Word

We are always ready to give you all the latest internet offers which you need. On this website, you will find all the information from here. So keep visiting our site. Stay with us.

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