Guy Lafleur Cause Of Death – What Happened With Him?

Today is our very sad day. Because the great player Guy Lafleur died at the age of 70 years old. He takes his last breath today bye by having a a very big disease. And the news is published in in many newspaper and social media.

His family also confirm that it he is no more in in this world. He has been passed away us. His family confirm that in social media.

How did Guy Lafleur died?

Guy Lafleur was suffering from a diseases named lung cancer. After suffering a long time in lung cancer hi leave his last breath.

At that time when Mats Naslund came to Montreal, Guy Lafleur was the team’s big star that time. Now the 62-year-old man received the news that his great former teammate has passed away from all.

All people know that Guy Lafleur was ill for a few years. So all people are not surprise after know the news of his death. Though all people will remember him for his well playing quality.

What Happened With Guy Lafleur?

Guy Lafleur died after suffering a long time in lung cancer. The time of talking treatment in hospital he leave his last breath.

His family and the all media are confarmed that he is not in this world. He left us at the age of 70 years old.

Guy Lafleur Lifelong Fame

He was well known for not wearing helmet in match. He always play without helmet.

He was playing on the farm team with a helmet, that time the coach challenged him and said him he is a coward. Then he took off his helmet. And he play without helmet.

He was one of the best NHL’s player of all time, by scoring over 50 goals and 119 points in six straight seasons at the time of 1974 and 1980.

The world will remember him for his great fame in his playing carrer. We will never forgot him. He will stay in the heart of all hockey fans.

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