Watch Video Footage: Irish rooster kills man with attack to the back of his leg

An Irish inquest found that a man who died in April 2022, was attacked by a rooster with a history of attacking people, according to reports.

The Irish Examiner in Cork, Ireland, reported that Jasper Kraus was allegedly attacked by a Brahma chicken that was moved to his property in Ballinasloe after it attacked a child.

Garda Eoine Browne said during the legal request that he answered reports of an unexpected demise on April 28, 2022, and when he showed up, he addressed paramedics who said CPR endeavors to resuscitate the casualty were fruitless.

Brown said the man, later recognized as Kraus, was on the ground in the kitchen in a pool of blood, with an injury on the rear of one of his legs.

Corey O’Keefe, who was an inhabitant at Kraus’ home, told his girl Virginia Guinan what occurred.

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At the point when Kraus’ little girl showed up at the house, she saw blood on the floor and paramedics doing mouth to mouth, the Analyst detailed.

Kraus had a stabbing to his left side leg and a path of blood from the house to a chicken coop outside.

His girl said during the legal request that she understood the chicken high priority caused her dad’s demise.

The girl said she thought it was the chicken with blood on its hooks since it had gone after her own little girl beforehand.

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The Analyst additionally detailed that O’Keefe was examined concerning the episode and said he got back after working all day at 8 a.m., took care of the creatures and asked Kraus how he was doing prior to taking off to bed. After a short time, O’Keefe journalists, Kraus was shouting for help.

As Kraus went in and out of consciousness, O’Keefe reportedly said, he said the word “rooster.”

Kraus was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

The coroner recorded the death as misadventure, or an accident, describing the incident as a dreadful experience for the family.

The Examiner reported that just before the end of the judicial procedure, Kraus’s daughter said there should be support for people in this type of situation when it comes to cleaning up the blood.

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