Mi Account Remove Without Password

We all Xiaomi users know that all Xiaomi there we can create a Mi account. Sometimes we forget our password for the Mi account and we can’t remove this Mi account from our phone. So now I will show you some methods to remove your Mi account from your phone without a password.

Xiaomi is a big smartphone seller company in India as well as Bangladesh. This company is liked by people for providing flagship features in low-budget smartphones. But in this smartphone, the only problem is sometimes it gets locked. The only way to unlock this smartphone is to activate the Mi account.

What is My Account

Mi account is a security and account service for Xiaomi users. In an Android smartphone to turn on Google services, you have to create a Gmail account. As well as forget Xiaomi service in Xiaomi smartphone it is essential to create a Mi account. By creating a Mi account users can secure their phone from third parties and sync phone data, videos, apps, etc in the Mi account. They can also use many apps sevice of Mi like Mi Themes, Mi Games, and many more.

Sometimes Mi account is locked in the phone. Then we can’t use it. So at that moment, we have to remove the Mi account. There are many kinds of tricks of removing a Mi account without a password.

If you forget your Mi account mobile number and password then what you will do? Please don’t worry. Now I will show you some methods of removing this Mi account without a Password.

How to Remove Mi account Without Password

Now we will use some method to remove this account. First, we will use the official website of Xiaomi and then use our email.


Now we will use the Mi website. Let’s start it now.

  • In another smartphone open the Chrome browser.
  • The search https://mobile.mi.com/bd/
  • On that page, you will see the account tab in the right bottom corner.
  • And then click on the Login/Sign up option.
  • Because you are not signing into Mi account and forget the password, so click on Forget password option.
  • Now type your mobile number which is connected with your Mi account and click next.
  • After linking the mobile number you will see an Account verification page.
  • Now click on the send option or receive a verification code. You will get a verification code in the message option in that number.
  • A new page will open on the screen, then type the verification code and click submit.
  • Now you can reset your password.
  • After that type, a new password, and the password will be changed.
  • Now on your own phone sign in with your Mi account.

Finally, you can unlock your smartphone without a password and a PC.


Please use this process at your own risk. If your Xiaomi device is harmed by following this process we are not responsible for this. Xiaomi company can change this Process any time they want.

Final Word

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