Watch Video: Olympic great Michael Johnson slams Tiger Woods for tampon prank

Olympian Michael Johnson pummeled Tiger Woods and disagreed with the golf legend’s expression of remorse for giving Justin Thomas a tampon during the Beginning Invitational on Thursday.

Johnson thrashed Woods for beginning the expression of remorse with “On the off chance that I outraged anybody,” in the wake of getting reaction for what gave off an impression of being a joke among him and Thomas.

“Conciliatory sentiment beginning with ‘On the off chance that I annoyed anybody’ is no statement of regret. In any case, this is Tiger. Never been a pioneer and he’s Teflon,” Johnson composed Friday on Twitter.

“Still proclaimed after every one of the slip-ups so he’s don’t picked up anything. Media center generally around extraordinary recuperation. Never why the requirement for recuperation.”

Woods handed the tampon to Thomas after he outdrove him on one hole in the first round of the tournament. Thomas laughed at what Woods called a “prank,” but Woods noted that many haven’t taken it lightly.

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“It was supposed to be a funny game, but obviously it hasn’t turned out that way,” Woods said. “If I offend anybody, it was not the case. It was just friends having fun.”

Woods added: “If I offend anybody in any way, shape, or form, I’m sorry. It was not intended to be that way. We play pranks on one another all the time. Virally, I think this did not come across that way, but between us, it’s different.”

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Woods and Thomas have grown close since the latter became a pro. They were paired together during the 2019 Presidents Cup, winning both of their team matches.

The Genesis Invitational is Woods’ first tournament since The Open Championship last July.

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