Mike Tyson Punches a Passenger on Plane – See The Video Footage

Now we are going to write about a great boxer who lives in America. His full name is Michael Gerard Tyson. He started his carrer as boxer in 1985. He leave boxing in 2005. Recently his has done a great news type work we are going to share it.

Mike Tyson Punches a Passenger on Plane Videos

Mike Tyson was going somewhere in a plane from San Francisco International Airport to Florida. But a video has recently virualed. In that video Mike Tyson punches a passenger in the plane. The video share all over the world. Now we will talk about the video and Mike Tyson.

At the fight another person tries to push back Mike from the passenger to stop the fight. The fight was lasts few seconds. And the the fight stop by the plane’s worker.

We all know that he is great boxer. So his punch is really very hurt. But many people wants to know why Mike Tyson punches the passenger in the flight. We will also talk about that.

What was hapend to Mike Tyson with a passenger on a Flight?

The passenger who has punched by Mike Tyson is very rude behave. He was disturbing Mike from the begining of the flight. The passenger was seat behind Mike. The passenger was began harassing Tyson and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat. So Mike Tyson became very angry.

And then the fight begun. After that the video upload to the internet world. But Mike Tyson didn’t punched the passenger without any reason. The passenger has ugly behavior. And the passenger also come front to fight with Mike. So Mike Tyso punches the passenger.

What do the passenger with Mike Tyson in Video?

According to TMZ, prior to the assault, Tyson had agreed to take a picture with the passenger at the beginning of the flight on Wednesday. But the “overly excited” man continued to bother the former boxer during the flight, despite requests from Tyson to “chill.” For this reason Mike punch the passenger.

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