In Germany, NFL Taking Next Step Toward Playing Games to Unveil Three Finalist Cities

International Series Game NFL is taking the next step. It’s a Germany series game.  This league is taking the next step and playing a regular-season game. In 2007, NFL always participate regular-season games.

NFL will announce on Tuesday, October 12. The NFL will announce the regular-season game in Germany. It also committed to multiple games in London. Mexico city is also in the mix going forward.

There are 17 games in the past expanding the regular season. A new scheduling formula for international games starting in 2022. Every season, there will be at least four games. NF team will contest every eight seasons.

NFL has played 28 regular-season games every season at the begging. Green bay packers are the only club not to play a regular-season game internationally. But because of Corona Pandemic, this seasonal game has been stopped. Now NFL is ready to play the game at least four games every season.

For Corona, Virus NFL has canceled five schedule games for the season 2020 in London. Mexico city is also canceled the season league due to Corona. But now Mexico city also wants to continue the game growth.

The international series NFL is ready to play the game now. This series is now open and returns to the same location. We all know about the NFL league. It’s one of the successful series leagues. Everybody likes this league very much.

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