Paul Ryder Cause Of Death Revealed – How Did He Die? In Details

Paul Ryder died at the age of 58. He passed away hours before he was due to perform at a festival in Sunderland.

Paul founded the group in 1980 and was credited with giving the band their signature rolling groove, present on hits such as Step On and Kinky Afro.

A statement from the band said the Salford-raised musician died on Friday morning. He was 58.

Ryder had been due to play Kubix Festival in Sunderland with the Happy Mondays later in the day.

Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown was one of the fellow Manchester musicians to pay his respects to the late bassist. “Rest in peace Ryder,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The grooves I played in the Mondays came from Northern soul and disco,” Ryder told us in 2017. “I can’t read music, so I just copied the basslines, but I could never get them spot-on so they turned into my own basslines.”

Paul Ryder Cause Of Death

Further details about his death have not been released. But it will be published soon. Because police investigating.

Paul previously discussed his drug addiction during his early days in the band, writes The Mirror.

“It was wild,” he said in 2013. “I was 18 and recording an album. I’d learned how to read and write at school but my real education began on Mondays.

“I’d been using drugs since I was 17. If you have the money and the lifestyle it’s part and parcel of the job, especially when people in the industry are giving it to you for free.

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