How To Recover Nagad Password?

How To Recover Nagad Password? This is the most search question. Most people do not know how to change Nagad Password. For this, they want to know about it. Nowadays, Nagad is becoming the most money transferring system in Bangladesh. A lot of people use Nagad for mobile banking. This money banking system is a really easy system. And you can also join this system. Let’s get to the point.

Recover Nagad Password

How To Recover Nagad Password?

If you have a Nagad account and if you forget the password of the Nagad banking account, it is very easy to recover it. You can recover your Nagad password within two minutes. Now, I will show you how to change the Nagad password to a new password.

To recover your Nagad account, you have to know about your last Nagad balance, your birth date and your fathers name. Then,  you have to call this number 16167. After calling, They want to know about your last Nagad balance, your birth date and fathers name. Just you have to answer all the questions. Then they will reset your password and you can add your new password.

Nagad Account PIN Code

Sometimes when our Nagad pin is locked or we do not want to get into the Nagad account. We want to get into the account. But when you make a wrong PIN number repeatedly in the Nagad account and give the wrong number a maximum of three times or give the PIN number then the Nagadh blocks you directly. If you do it again for 6 hours, you have to call their service center and verify with the number that is the ID number of your ID card but for this most of the NID cards.

Nagad Pin Code Recovery

For security, if you want to go through the app you can go directly. If you remember your PIN number, you can go through it. If you have forgotten it you will not be able to set it.  After enter into the App, just see in front of you that you will ask for an OTP code how to give it or where to get it. Then, You have to call customer care, send it to your phone for your verification, or send your account number then a message will be sent to your SIM. After that, they will send a message. You have to put it here. Then, you have to dial * 167 #. After dialing you will see the option. You can see my Nagad option. Just Type 6 in the box and ask to change the PIN number.


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