Singer Regine Cause Of Death – Suicide ? See , How Did She Die?

Regine is a famous French singer. She died on May 1, 2022. She claimed the invention of the modern discotheque and once ran a nightclub empire from Paris to Los Angeles.

Regine, born Regina Zylberberg in Belgium, opened her first club in Paris’s Latin Quarter in the 1950s, replacing the juke-box, ubiquitous in dance venues at the time, with turntables and disc jockeys.

The new organization, she frequently said, supported her case to “the development of the discotheque”.

She broadly said: “In the event that you can’t move, you can’t have intercourse.”

The new discos got on with the fly set and Regine, who became known as the “sovereign of the evening”, opened a few additional scenes, including “Regine’s” in New York during the 1970s, and others in Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles.

Regine Cause Of Death

It’s a natural death. In a statement sent on behalf of Regine’s family her friend, the comic Pierre Palmade said: “The queen of the night has left. The closing time following a long and great career.”

Regine “had the stars of the whole world dancing in her nightclubs”, he added.

At its height, Regine’s disco empire comprised 22 establishments.

French vocalist Renaud called her the last notable agent of the French chanson, motivating a whole age of artist musicians, including Serge Gainsbourg and Barbara.

In the wake of acting in the unbelievable Olympia scene in the French capital during the 1960s, Regine sang in New York’s Carnegie Hall to a warm gathering by an American crowd, an accomplishment that among French vocalists just Edith Piaf could coordinate.

“It would make me exceptionally cheerful assuming individuals actually paid attention to my melodies a long time from now,” she told AFP in 2020, adding that she was “extremely pleased” that some of them had become piece of France’s standard collection.

“My most memorable calling was discotheques,” she said. “For quite a while, tunes were only a side interest. In any case, presently I understand that the stage has been the main piece of my life.”

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