Richard Roat Cause Of Death – How Did He Die?

Richard Roat died at the age of 89.  He was best known for his early work on the NBC soap The Doctors and roles on Seinfeld and Friends.

Roat began his onscreen career in 1962 when he played the uncredited role of Garfield on the cop sitcom Car 54, Where Are You?

in the episode “How Smart Can You Get?”, in 1997, TV Guide ranked at No. 61 on its list of the best TV episodes of all time.

Richard Roat had a legendary entertainment career spanning nearly 50 years. He appeared in more than 135 roles on television, film, and Broadway.

According to multiple reports, the beloved actor died on Aug. 5 in Orange County, California. The daytime drama would air more than 5,000 episodes over the span of nearly two decades.

Roat landed his first big TV role when he was cast as Dr. Jerry Chandler in 1962 on The Doctors. The pilot would ultimately lead to Roat appearing in over 170 episodes during the first year it aired.

Richard Roat Cause Of Death

The cause of death is not known, and the family did not provide any further details. He was very old at the time of his death.

Hence, it’s likely that Richard had a number of old-age-related problems before passing away to a better place.

How Did Richard Roat Die?

He was described as the Lakers and Angels’ “biggest fan” and “the most supporting friend a person in the entertainment industry could ever have.”

“His greatest love was his family. Richard was fortunate to marry the love of his life, his true soulmate, Kathy,” it reads.

On Seinfeld, Roat appeared in “The Package” episode during season 8. He played the doctor who dubbed Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character, Elaine Benes, as a “difficult patient.” Elaine would go on to have a challenging time, to say the least, landing a doctor who would take her as a patient.

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