Watch Video Footage: Ryan Vannah Dead after collapsing during a tennis match

A local of Las Vegas is dead subsequent to falling during a tennis match at Red Stone Nation Club.

Specialists focused on Ryan Vannah, 43, for 55 minutes, however he was articulated dead at Summerlin Emergency clinic.

Vannah was playing in a blended copies tennis match on Sunday while, as per the Las Vegas Survey Diary, he dropped to a knee, put his hands on the court and afterward set down.

His sister by marriage Catherine did mouth to mouth however without any result.

The deep rooted tennis player clearly had hypertension, which his family has a past filled with. Notwithstanding, specialists said that he had been on some unacceptable medicine for it.

                                                          Video Footage

His passing is a shock for the family.

“He took faultless consideration of his wellbeing,” his sister Tami Ruler said. “He was so fit. He lifted loads. He seemed to be a jock to me. He was gigantic. We didn’t see this coming.”

“He was a companion to anybody,” his companion Dan Michalski added. “The entire tennis local area is truly shaken by this.”

                                                            Video Footage

Vannah won the US Tennis Affiliation 40+ public title in every one of the most recent two years as a component of a copies group.

Vannah was the youngest of four children and is survived by his parents, his three siblings, and 13 nieces and nephews.

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