South Africa Soweto Bar Shooting Video Footage – 15 Killed, Police say

A mass shooting at a tavern in Johannesburg’s Soweto bar. In this shooting 15 people were killed and left others in critical condition.

Gunmen armed with rifles and pistols opened fire at people in a bar in the South African township of Soweto in the early hours of Sunday.

The number of cartridges found on the scene indicates a group of people opened fire in the bar, said Gauteng province police commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela.

“The primary investigation suggests that these people were enjoying themselves here, in a licensed tavern operating within the right hours,” Mawela told The Associated Press.

The carnage took place shortly after midnight, when an unknown number of gunmen entered the Orlando East tavern, in the township on the outskirts of the main city Johannesburg, spraying bullets at its patrons, police and witnesses said.

“All of a sudden they heard some gunshots, that is when people tried to run out of the tavern.

We don’t have the full details at the moment of what is the motive, and why they were targeting these people.

“Some were shot in the head, you could see their brains spilling out,” said Thobani Mhlabiso, 26, a bar waiter who hid behind the fridge to survive the onslaught in one of Soweto’s poorer neighborhoods, made up mostly of metal sheet shacks.

“I had to jump over those bodies. There was blood everywhere.”

Shooting Video Footage

The area where the shooting took place was very dark, making it harder to find people who could identify the suspects, he said.

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