Squid Game without deadly penalties: Show to be held in Abu Dhabi

Squid Game is a new Korean Drama movie. It is the most-watched Korean drama movie on Netflix. This movie was released in September. At this moment, a group of people will be able to try their hand at the Korean playground games.

There are 15 pre-selected participants who will take place in the games on Tuesday. This game was organized by Korean Culture Centre which will be held in Abu Dhabi. Squid game is a game in which contestants are tasked with the show and without the deadly penalties.

Participants of this game will wear uniforms featuring the Squid game logo. There are many games in Korean culture. But this game is most popular all over in Korea. This game will be a bit brutal in the series. This game is a popular game played by Korean children. All children are like this game very much than other games.

Squid Game Events

Green Light, Red Light

Korean children like this game very much. They played this game in childhood. Korean people say that ‘The roses of Sharon have blossomed,’ instead of Green Light and Red Light. The KCC will use sponge guns in the game.

Glass stepping stones

 All the Korean people know that KCC plans to do the stepping stones on the floor, saying it will “run exactly the same as in the Squid Game series.”

The honeycomb toffee game

This is really popular in Korea. All the children play it.


It’s a popular childhood game among Koreans.

When Did Squid Game Release?

Squid Game was released on Netflix on Sept. 17.

When Will Come Squid Game Season 2?

If we see the movie we can say that this movie is not an end. there can be part 2 of this movie. Squid game season 2 will come in the next year. If you are waiting for this game season 2, you have to wait a little bit.

Theory about Squid Game guards

Let’s talk about the game. In Squid Game the guards wear red, and when one player comes out, he seems like a young naive soldier. how the guards were hired?. We can see that the Lead character Seong Gi-hun plays a game called ddakji with a recruiter for the game. Gi-hun picks blue paper over red. one theory claims it’s not.

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