SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group ( All Subjects PDF)

 SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group. Our education ministry announces that the SSC exam 2021 will start from the 1st week of November 2021. For this, they published an Assignment for the students of SSC Exam 2021. It will start on 18 July 2021. So, SSC examines 2021 should prepare themselves for the exam. SSC examines 2021 have to give 24 Assignments in 12 weeks. They have to submit assignments twice a week.

Assignment Notice

The Authority Complete the short syllabus which provides a few days ago. Through this assignment for the science group of SSC exam 2021, each group will get 8 assignments for each subject. So, students have to complete the assignment of every subject in time. So, prepare yourself & complete your assignment in time.

SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group

Science group subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Higher Math Assignment 2021. The Authority will publish every week’s assignment for the SSC examination 2021. Just you have to complete it in time. Students have to complete two Assignments for each subject every week. It’s good news for the Science students that they don’t have to complete assignments like Bangla, English, Math & Others compulsory subjects. Be ready irregular students. You also have to complete assignments like Regular Students.

Short Syllabus

SSC Assignment 2021 1st Week Science

At this time Covid-19 situation is not under control. For this, our Education Ministry said that the SSC examination will conduct in November on option subjects. The exam duration will be One and a half hours. The Authority provides a total of 50 Marks for each subject. You have to answer 3-4 questions from 10 questions. If you choose higher math for the elective subjects, you have to complete higher mathematics subjects. But for those who haven’t choose higher mathematics subjects, he don’t need to complete the 4th subject in the science department.

SSC Assignment 2021 PDF Download

In the given below I published all science group assignment PDF. Here you will get the 1st & 2nd-week assignment PDF. If you want to download the PDF, you can download it from here. Just check the science group PDF.

SSC Chemistry Assignment 2021

Here get SSC Chemistry Assignment 2021. The Authority will publish 8 assignments & here I published 2 Assignments for the students. Just collect the assignment.

First Assignment

SSC Chemistry first assignment 2021

2nd Assignment

SSC Chemistry 2nd assignment 2021

SSC Physics Assignment 2021

It is known to all that Physics is one of the most crucial subjects. From this website, you will get all the Assignment answers. So, stay with us & collect the Assignment.

First Assignment

SSC Physics first Assignment 2021

2nd Assignment

SSC Physics 2nd Assignment 2021

SSC Biology Assignment 2021

This is the fourth subject for the students. If you choose it as a 4th subject, you have to complete the assignment.

First Assignment

SSC Biology First Assignment 2021

2nd Assignment

SSC Biology 2nd Assignment 2021

SSC Higher Math Assignment 2021

Here I provide the SSC Higher Math Assignment 2021. If you choose this subject just collect it.

First Assignment

SSC Higher Math First Assignment 2021

Final Thoughts

I will publish all the Assignment solutions so that students can download them easily & use it to complete their assignments in time. So, stay with us to get all the assignment answers.

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