Texas Elementary School Shooting update: What Was Gunman Goal & Why He started to shoot Children?

21 people were killed in an attack by a gunman at a Texas elementary school in the small town of Uvalde, Texas. At least 19 students and two teachers were among the casualties.

The man was killed by police, according to local law enforcement officials.

The attack at Robb Elementary occurred just two days before summer break, according to the school’s calendar that listed May 26 as the last day. The school taught students in grades 2 through 4 and around 600 students attended.

The shooter barricaded himself in one room, killing two teachers and 19 children, he said.

“Just goes to show you the complete evil from this shooter,” Olivarez told CNN’s John Berman and Shimon Prokupecz.

As the shooting was taking place, officers were going around the school, breaking windows and trying to evacuate children and staff. They were then able to force entry into the classroom where the shooter was, he said.

The shooter was wearing “a tactical vest carrier with no ballistic panels; so typically those type of carriers are used by tactical teams.

SWAT teams, where they can place magazines, extra ammunition inside those carriers and be able to move in a tactical formation,” Olivarez said.

An unknown person said that the gunman first shot his grandmother at a separate scene. Authorities initially said the grandmother was killed but later said she was in critical condition.

Then he crashed his car outside of the school and emerged with an AR-15-style rifle, according to multiple law enforcement sources. Authorities have recovered the rifle, body armor the suspect was wearing and numerous magazines, sources said.

The suspect was immediately engaged outside the building as he approached the school by a Uvalde Independent School District police officer, who was shot by the suspect, the sources said.

The video footage isnt available at this moment. When we will get the video footage we will publish it as soon as possible.

All the informations are collect from other sources.

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