UFC 273: Khamzat Chimaev lives up to the hype in a new thrilling

The shrieking sound you might have heard late Saturday night assuming you were even close to Jacksonville, Florida, was the Khamzat Chimaev publicity train easing back its roll. Gilbert Burns was the one applying the brakes.

Consumes had been bloodied and pummeled in a fierce opening round, yet he had made due. Furthermore, as his UFC 273 battle against the soaring star that is Chimaev moved into the subsequent round, Burns began to hold onto control.

This was not normal for anything we had found in Chimaev’s initial four UFC excursions. This time he was in a serious battle. Also, Chimaev, at long last in with a rival who could deal with his attack and answer in kind, showed that he was capable.

After an ever-changing three rounds, during which each man landed enormous punches and had defining moments, Chimaev got approval from every one of the three appointed authorities (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) to demonstrate something essential and reasonable.

Chima showed that he has a place in the Octagon with the world-class of the UFC’s welterweight division. The promotion train tracked down a new landscape on which to continue to move ahead.

This triumph was far unique in relation to the evenings of complete Chimaev mastery that had preceded. In every one of his past appearances, the 27-year-old Chechnya-conceived Swede had looked godlike in climbing into computer games to sort numbers.

A 124-2 edge in absolute strikes in his UFC debut. A 68-0 shutout in his return 10 days after the fact. A 17-second one-punch knockout in his third appearance. Then another striking shutout (58-0) while conversing with UFC president Dana White at cage side during the battle! Godlike, without a doubt.

From the beginning, Chimaev seemed, by all accounts, to be made a beeline for another striking defeat. He dropped Burns in the first round with a fresh poke, and from top situation on the material he dropped terrible aim punches and elbows, one of which opened a cut on the Brazilian’s head. In any case, Burns came to the horn, and in Round 2 he some way or another seemed not worn out however renewed, his offense streaming.

During a trade close to the enclosure, he dropped Chimaev with a right hand. Now, the two men were ridiculous and breathing vigorously. However, both in some way had an adequate number of left in them to deliver a fierce third round to finish an exemplary battle that had the group thundering.

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