Vangelis Cause of Death – How Did He Die?

Vangelis is a Greek prog-rocker and Oscar-wining compose for films like “Chariots of Fire” & “Blade Runner”. He has died. He is now no more with us.

Vangelis cause of death

The great artist born Evángelos Papathanassíou died late Tuesday night. In a statement from Vangelis’ “private office” announced to his Elsewhere fan page Thursday.

The Athens News Agency also confirmed news of Vangelis’ death. His cause of death is not anounced yet. But Greek newspaper OT reports that Vangelis died at a hospital in France where he was being treated for Covid-19.

In his death time he was 79 years old. In news article there shows that he has died in hospital in France. He was in hospital for taking treatment for Covid-19.

Who was Vangelis?

Vangelis was a Greek prog-rocker and Oscar-wining compose for films like “Chariots of Fire” & “Blade Runner”. He was a great  composer among the world.

He was born in Agria and raised in Athens, Papathanassíou learned piano at a young age, though despite being enrolled in an Athens music school, he never formally learned how to read or write music.

“Orchestration, composition — they teach these things in music schools, but there are some things you can never teach,” he said in a 1982 interview (via Associated Press). “You can’t teach creation.”

His first band as a teenager was the pop group Formynx, but he left his native country in 1968 amid a coup attempt in Greece.

After settling in Paris, Vangelis — a variation of his first name, which he said translates to “an angel that brings good news” — formed the cult progressive rock band Aphrodite’s Child alongside fellow expatriate Greeks.

The group released three albums, most notably 1972’s 666, an epic double-LP inspired by the Book of Revelations.

What does say people about Vangelis?

In a tweet Greek foreign minister Nikos Dendias wrote,“Vangelis Papathanassiou was a great Greek composer who excelled at a global level,”.

He also said that,“We say goodbye with a big ‘thank you’ for what he offered to Music, Culture and Greece.”

“Vangelis Papathanassiou is no longer with us. For the whole world, this sad news demonstrates that the world music scene has lost the international ‘Vangelis,’ the protagonist of electronic sound, of the Oscars, of Mythology and the hits,” Greece’s prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis tweeted, as translated by Rolling Stone.

“For us Greeks, who know his second name was Odysseus, it means that he’s begun his long trip to the Chariots of Fire. From there, he’ll always send us his notes.”

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