Watch CCTV Video Footage: Transgender Instagram Model Allegedly Murdered Dad

A transsexual Instagram model supposedly killed her dad and cut her youngster sister inside their New York City home following an “contention over a PC,” investigators said Monday.

Nikki Secondino, 22, was arraigned in Brooklyn High Court on Monday on murder, endeavored murder and different charges in association with the killing of her dad, Carlo Secondino, 61, and the almost deadly injuring of 19-year-old sister Liana on Dec. 29.

Brooklyn Head prosecutor Eric Gonzalez said in a proclamation that “this respondent is accused of mercilessly killing her own dad and afterward wounding her more youthful sister.

Purportedly following a contention over a PC,” as per the New York Post. “My office will vivaciously arraign this horrendous case and look for equity for the people in question.”

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Examiners said Nikki Secondino “snapped” following quite a while of family strife when her dad told her that she needed to move out of the house in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn in 30 days or less.

The six-count prosecution, which was unlocked during the consultation, charges that Secondino confessed to emerging from her room around 5:20 a.m., recognizing her dad sleeping on the love seat and slamming his head with a mallet, WNBC detailed.

She then purportedly let examiners know that she “got my #1 German steel blade and cut the out of him,” the grievance expresses, as indicated by the Post.

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Hearing upheaval in the front room, the sister endeavored to mediate. That is when Secondino supposedly betrayed the 19-year-old, head and stomach. However severely harmed, the 19-year-old went through a medical procedure and made due.

“I needed them dead,” Secondino purportedly told agents, as per the objection.

N.Y. Day to day News detailed that court reports say Nikki Secondino attempted to put the assault on a created sets of burglars during a home intrusion however later conceded to being behind the horrendous frenzy.

In a 2020 meeting on the “Joined We Tirade” digital recording, Nikki Secondino said she was conceived Nicholas Secondino however changed to being a lady in her late teenagers, adding that her father was strong, as per the Post. She was sent back to Rikers Island, where she stays held without bail.

WNBC detailed that Secondino had almost 16,000 supporters on Instagram. In her profile, she portrayed herself as a “well known person,” “model” and a “living lookbook.”

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