Watch Video Footage Of Controversial Grammys Performance ignites uproar

A tweet by CBS driving into Sunday night’s Grammy Grants created a ruckus online with many individuals left considering what message the news source was attempting to send.

CBS answered a tweet from Vocalist Sam Smith, which highlighted a photograph of the nonbinary vocalist in practice wearing villain horns.

“This will be Exceptional,” Smith tweeted with a villain emoticon.

CBS responded to the tweet, “….you can say that again. We are ready to worship!”

Smith and transsexual vocalist Kim Petras conveyed an unseemly execution of “Unholy,” during the music entertainment pageant, which was impacted by traditionalists on Twitter.

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Smith was dressed as Satan while artists behaving like devils appeared to kneel in love.

The peculiar tweet drew eyeballs Monday morning. A few group communicated incredulity the tweet was genuine while others portrayed the tweet as a noteworthy issue.

Music video maker and chief Robby Starbuck called the tweet an affirmation CBS was “compromised by evil.”

“This is the very thing that CBS told Sam Smith just before he did his devilish exhibition as Satan. Ponder that.

They aren’t in any event, attempting to conceal how undermined by detestable they are any longer. It’s everything out in the open now,” he tweeted.

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Several users asked if the outlet “worshiped Satan,” and claimed they would do anything “for ratings.”

“Gotta love @CBS openly admitting that they, alongside Sam Smith, ‘WORSHIP’ (their words, not mine) the devil…” Donald Trump impersonator and podcast host Shawn Farash wrote.

Conservative nonprofit media watchdog The Media Research Center asked if CBS was confirming they worshiped Satan.

“Did CBS just admit it worships Satan?” the account asked.

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