Watch Video Footage: Woman Carried Off in Body Bag Found Alive at Funeral Home

An Iowa care office is confronting a great many dollars in fines after a lady was erroneously articulated dead and taken to a memorial service home just to awaken when she “panted for air,” specialists said.

The 66-year-elderly person was at the Glen Oaks Alzheimer’s Extraordinary Consideration Place since Dec.

2021 preceding she moved into a hospice care office, a report set Wednesday free from the Iowa Branch of Investigations and Requests said. The office faces state infringement that could bring about fines up to $10,000.

Over the long haul, staff individuals saw her well-being decrease. On Jan. 3, she was articulated dead when staff members took note “her mouth was open, her eyes were fixed, and there were no breath sounds,” the report said.

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A burial service home was called and the lady’s family was cautioned.

At 7:38 p.m., a burial service home chief showed up and an authorized commonsense medical caretaker put the lady’s body inside a body sack and zipped it shut.

The two of them said there were no indications of something going on under the surface, the report said.

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At around 8:26 p.m. at the burial service home, staff part unfastened the pack and saw the lady’s chest moving and “she panted for air.”

The burial service home called 911 and the hospice office. At the point when responders showed up, they had the option to record a heartbeat and relaxing.

She was returned to the care facility and died on Jan. 5 with her family by her side.

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