How to Switch From Windows 10 to Linux

How to Switch From Windows 10 to Linux? Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 in 2015. We all know about windows 10. It is the last version of the operating system of Microsoft. All the users were getting frustrated with the legacy Microsoft operating system.  We also know about windows vista which is launched in 2006. Which was heavily criticized for its poor performance. Windows 8 was dismissed for its oversimplifications of all the users.

But Windows 7 was popular until its end of life in 2020. It has particularly around changes made to user account controls. Windows 10 has one of the biggest Microsoft users which had ever seen. We all know that Windows 8 was also the most popular operating system.

How to Switch From Windows 10 to Linux

How to Switch From Windows 10 to Linux?

If you want to switch your windows from windows 10 to Linux you have to download the first Linux ISOS. Then follow the instruction which is given below. You can find out all the important things which you want. First, you have to download Rufus and then download Linux. After that select, the distro and drive, burn your USB stick, configure your BIOS, Set your startup drive, run live Linux, install Linux, partition your drive, Go for it and apply updates. at last install the application.

How To Select Your Linux Distribution?

The process of installing Linux is easy. It has various functions which you can use easily on your laptop. It is small which has a free utility that extracts ISOs onto USB drives and sets them up for booting. You also have a different option to download the Linux version. Linux is also a popular operating system you want to use it then download Linux ISO for your Laptop or Desktop. There is a way to select Linux Distribution.

Final Words

So, in conclusion, we can say that by using all the things which are given above you can switch from windows 10 to Linux.  So stay with me to get more information.

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