DHL plane skids off runway in emergency landing – See , Why it crashed?

A DHL 757 plane crashed in Costa Rica earlier today after reporting hydraulic problems.

Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria International Airport will remain closed until 6 p.m. local time on Thursday after a Boeing 757-200 cargo aircraft operated by DHL made an emergency landing before skidding off the runway and splitting, aviation authorities said.

April 7th, a DHL Boeing 757F at San Jose, Costa Rica after the pilots reported a hydraulic problem. The 757F veered off runway 07 after landing.
After departing San Jose at about FL210 they declared Mayday due to a hydraulic failure. The aircraft entered a hold while the crew worked checklists. The aircraft returned for an approach to runway 07 about 50 minutes after departure.
The crew lost control of the aircraft, which spun around and went off the runway causing the aircraft to break up into two parts, both main gear struts collapsed. The crew was able to exit the aircraft without serious injuries.
Serial number 29610 LN:904
Type 757-27APCF
First flight date 07/12/1999
Plane age 22.3 years
Hex code 0C2058
Engines 2 x PW PW2037
The pilot and co-pilot were evacuated, airport operator Aeris said in a statement. Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion tweeted images showing the yellow aircraft emblazoned with DHL with its tail detached and a broken wing, being doused with firefighting foam as its lay partly in a grass field and the runway.
DHL, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post AG (DPWGn.DE), said the crew were physically unharmed in the incident, adding “one crew member is undergoing medical checks as a precaution.”
Aeris said Juan Santamaria airport, on the outskirts of capital San Jose, will remain closed until 6 p.m. local time, impacting 32 commercial flights to and from the United States, Central America, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Three cargo flights are also affected.
The aircraft, bound for Guatemala, apparently had a failure in the hydraulic system, prompting the pilot to request an emergency landing shortly after take-off, Luis Miranda Munoz, Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Costa Rica, told Reuters.
Munoz said the aircraft is still on the ground and aviation authorities are waiting for it to be removed in order to resume operations. DHL said they are coordinating with the airport authorities on moving the aircraft from the runway so that normal airport operations can be resumed as soon as possible.

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