Grant Woods Death- How did he die?

Grant Wood died on Saturday. Grant Wood left the party in 2028 to become a democrat. He died at the age of 67 years old. He entered into politics as chief of staff to the late Sen. John McCain, served eight years as the state’s top prosecutor.

How did he die?

There was not immediately made cause available. He died of a heart attack.

When did he enter into politics?

Republican fife Symington was governor, in the pair squabbling over issues like the governor ordering woods to drop his historic lawsuit against tobacco companies. After Symington was convicted in federal court of defrauding creditors, he told the governor he legally had to leave office and could not wait while the case was on appeal.

In 1997, for example, he helped put a measure on the ballot to prevent lawmakers from tinkering with what voters had approved. That followed the 1996 voter approval of a measure allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana and other illegal drugs.

The Republican-controlled Legislature, insisting voters didn’t understand what they were doing, effectively repealed it the following year. Woods said while he opposed the 1996 initiative, he did not think it was right for lawmakers to second-guess what voters had enacted.

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