Lowa Church Shooting Update – It Was a Targeted Attack. 3 People Dead

There are many mass shootings in the united states stretching from New York to Texas to Oklahoma, the spate of gun violence continued Thursday in the Midwest with separate shootings at a church parking lot and a funeral that left more Americans dead or wounded.

Police said A man shot and killed two women before killing himself in Ames, Iowa, outside of Cornerstone Church.

The shooting occurred around 6:51 P.M. on Thursday night. According to the police statement, the incident was contained in the Church’s parking lot only.

Two of the victims have been identified as 22-year-old Eden Mariah Montag and 21-year-old Vivian Renee Flores.

The shooter name Jonathan Lee Whitlatch, 33, of Boone, Iowa. Whitlatch died from a self-sustained gunshot wound to the head.

He first killed his ex-girlfriend, Then a woman & finally killed himself.

Jonathan Lee Whitlatch, 33, had shot two women from the congregation — 22-year-old Eden Mariah Montana and 21-year-old Vivian Renee Flores — while a program was going on inside the church, Said in a statement.

The shooting incident has been defined as a targeted attack against Montag. Whitlatch approached Montag, Flores, and a third female before opening fire with his 9mm pistol.

The third female found cover and was unharmed.

“This is a very tragic event for our community but I think also nationwide as we experience violent incidents nationwide, and it only seems to increase,” Lennie said at a news conference.

“We were at the gravesite trying to get prepared to bury him, and bullets started flying everywhere,” Natasha Mullen, King’s sister, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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