Mike Hagerty Cause Of Death – What Happened With Him?

The family of actor Mike Hagerty died this Thursday at the age of 67.  He is best known for his popular television series ” Friends “. His death news was confirmed by his relatives through a statement on social media.

His character Joey was able to catch the audience & it was really great. “It is with great sadness that the family of Michael G Hagerty announced his passing yesterday in Los Angeles,”

They also wrote in an official statement on social media. “Mike was a beloved actor, whose love for his city of Chicago and his family were the most important thing in his life”.

Mike Hagerty Cause Of Death

His family also explained about the actor who died at the age of 67, without offering details of the death.

In a statement, Mike expressed his excitement about his latest show, which was filmed in various parts of Chicago.

He said,“I’m crazy about the city. I’ve always loved Chicago,” “I was born and raised in Chicago and it will always be my home, so it was great to be back.”

producer Jay Duplass summed up his experience working with the actor in an emotional tweet after mike’s death “Mike Hagerty was a great actor and a great man,” he said. “I will miss him. He lives forever in our hearts.”

He is best known for his “ Friends ” series & he acted as a janitor of the building in which the protagonists resided.

Mike Hagerty had supporting roles in several 1990s sitcoms.

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