How Did DJ Kay Slay Die? – Hospital CCTV Footage Of His Death

The Famous Hip Hop superstar DJ Kay slay died at the age of 55. He died on Sunday.

 In a statement, Silk noted that he and Kay Slay had known each other for many years and were recently in talks about working together again.

Silk Told on Twitter that  “My dear brother is gone. I’ve known him since he was 16 years old. He was my little brother. I introduced him to many and we did a lot of things together.

We last talked in December because we were finishing up the 200 rolling deep projects. He was gonna do his video part with MC Sha-Rock.

DJ Kay Cause Of Death

He has died four months after being hospitalized with COVID.

The news of the DJ’s death was revealed by Van Silk, who confirmed that Kay Slay passed away yesterday (April 17). He was 55 years old.

Silk Said “From the mixtapes to assisting him with sending off Straight Stuntin’ magazine and the entire.

What The Science project, the world not just lost a truly devoted individual to the way of life of Hip Hop however a wellspring of overcoming any issues in Hip Hop. I will miss my younger sibling.”

In January DJ Kay Slay’s sibling gave a report on the New York craftsman and record leader’s condition after he was hospitalized with an infection.

Addressing HipHopDX at that point, Kwame Grayson said that his kin was “certainly not going to pass on” and is right now in “a recuperation state”.

He also said that the reports claiming the DJ – real name Keith Grayson – had been put on a ventilator were false, explaining: “It was a machine that was helping him breathe, but it was not a ventilator. I don’t know where they get this information.

“He was on a machine that was assisting him with breathing since he was unable to relax. Two or three days prior, he was in a state where everyone thought he truly won’t make it.”

Following fresh insight about Slay’s passing, recognitions have started pouring in via virtual entertainment. See a determination beneath.

A lot of people want to see the video of his death. But the hospital owner doesn’t publish the video. I will publish the video as soon as possible.

CCTV Footage Video Of His Death

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