Jelani Day- Cause Of Jelani Day’s Death?

Jelani Day was a 25 years old student. He died from drowning. This is confirmed by the LaSalle County Coroner’s Office which was announced on Monday (Oct. 25). A lot of questions surrounding the 25-year-old’s disappearance and death remain unanswered.

On Monday, LaSalle County Coroner Richard Ploch revealed Day died by drowning but said, “The manner in which Mr. Day went into the Illinois River is currently unknown.” There is no specific positive test at autopsy for drowning,” the statement added. “Drowning is considered a diagnosis of exclusion with supporting investigation circumstances when a person is found deceased in a body of water.”

The Illinois State University student was last seen on Aug. 24 at his college campus in Bloomington, Illinois. His car was found two days later in Peru, Illinois and his body was later discovered floating in the Illinois River.

A report that is really shocking, there is no evidence that Day was intoxicated or injured prior to his death. The autopsy report showed no signs of assault, altercation or strangulation, or any “pre-death injuries,” including gunshot wounds or injuries caused by “sharp, blunt” objects.

On Monday, coroner Richard Ploch released a report detailing His death. He is explaining that he did not suspect any other cause of death. Day’s mother Carmen Bolden Day said she disagrees with the findings and still suspects foul play in her son’s death.

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