Metroid Dread- Create History In Metroid Game Launch In UK

In this year, 2021, many Video games are released. This year was a blockbuster year for the video game launch. We can see four new games in the UK Top Ten. This is not easy to stay in the Top Ten. Because there is a lot of competition.

EA’S FIFA 22, become no 1 for a second week. This game sale is quite a small drop for FIFA. Last year in the second week, the game dropped 65%.  All the game of FIFA 22’s boxed sales is 32% lower than what FIFA 21.  The game has actually sold better than any other game ever. FIFA 22 is beating its predecessor in the UK overall.

Most of the game’s boxed sales are almost 70% lower than Far Cry 5 and the Far Cry 5 was released in March 2018. It was 47% of sales were on PS5, 24% on PS4, and 29% on Xbox platforms. It now certainly does a lot better than it appears. It is the highest-grossing Metroid game launch in UK history to date.

It also eclipsing the original Metroid Prime on GameCube. Metroid Dread was less than 1,000 units away from over-taking Metroid Prime if we say about its sale. It’s really interesting that Metroid Dread sold more than 1,000 downloads in the UK. It is known to all that Metroid Dread is also the fastest-selling Metroid game to date.

It’s good news for Metroid, which has a dedicated and vocal fan base, this game is the fifth-biggest launch game of the year and it is behind Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. The new release game is Alan Wake Remastered at No.5.The original game was an Xbox 360 exclusive which is the first time the title has been on PlayStation platforms. The game has paid off. 63% of the game’s sales were on PS5, 21% on PS4, and 17% on Xbox consoles.

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