How To Recover Bkash PIN? Easy Way To Recover Bkash PIN

How To Recover Bkash PIN? A lot of Bkash App users want to know about it. Because most of the Bkash users don’t know how to change the Bkash pin. So, they search for this. Now we will talk about it. Bkash is a more popular money transferring system in Bangladesh. Most of the people in Bangladesh use Bkash App and Nagar. So, this is more important for them to know about it.

How To Recover Bkash PIN?

If you have a Bkash account, this article is going to be more interesting. Here we will provide information about how to recover you, Bkash Pin. So to know more, read the article carefully & check the given below.

How To Recover Bkash PIN?

To recover your Bkash PIN just Dial *247#. After dialing, just set a new PIN & Follow the instruction.

1.You have to Remember that the PIN number must be 5 digits.
2.Just Use only numeric digits when entering your PIN number.
3. Remember that You cannot use any of your last 3 PINs while setting a new PIN
4.If you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, the PIN will be locked
5. To change your Bkash PIN, You cannot use zero (0) as the first digit of your PIN
6.You cannot change your PIN more than once within eight (8) hours
7.You cannot use the same numeric digits as your PIN; E.g. 1111, 2222, 123456, 2345, 8765, 7654, 5432 etc.

Change Mobile Menu PIN

Remember that you change your bKash Mobile Menu PIN when you feel that it may have been compromised.

To make your bKash Account more secure, you have to use 5-digit PIN.So, To change your PIN, please dial *247# and follow the steps below:

  • To change your PIN, Type 8 and select My bKash
  • Then, Type 3 and select Change Mobile Menu PIN
  • After that Enter your current PIN
  • Then, Enter a new 5 digit PIN
  • After that Enter your new PIN again and confirm
  • At last, You will receive a confirmation text on your mobile

If you have any questions about this article, just leave a comment on the comment box. We will try to solve your problem. To know more updated information stay with us.

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