Texas Elementary School Shooting – Who & Why He started to fire children?19 Children Killed

In Texas Elementary School an 18 years old man with a gun opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school. He started to fire children. The attacker was killed by the police there.

He killed some children in the school. The officials said, in the latest gruesome moment for a country scarred by a string of massacres. In last moment the gunman killed.

Texas Elementary School Shooting

Tuesday a man with gun come to the school. Suddenly he started to shoot the people in school. The gunman also fire the student there.

After the gun fire start the police force come to the school. Then they try to stop the attacker. After between a fire battle police killed the attacker.

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How many people killed in Texas Elementary School Shooting?

The attacker started to fire and in a moment he killed 19 children. But this number is not confirmed. There must be more murder.

The death toll also included two adults, authorities said. Gov. Greg Abbott said one of the two was a teacher.

What happened with the shooter?

At first we tell about the shooter. Now we will repeat that when the shooter started to fire police came to place.

After that in a short battle between them police killed the shooter. Now the shooter is dead.

What does say the the school district superintendent?

“My heart is broken today,” said Hal Harrell, the school district superintendent, announcing that all school activities were canceled until further notice.

“We’re a small community, and we’re going to need your prayers to get through this.”

The attack also came just 10 days after a deadly, racist rampage at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket that added to a years long series of mass killings at churches, schools and stores.

And the prospects for any reform of the nation’s gun regulations seemed as dim as in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook deaths.

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