Brent Renaud cause of death – How did he die ?

Brent Renaud Cause Of Death: How Did Brent Renaud Die? All you want to be familiar with is how the Honor-winning American writer passes on.

How did BRENT RENAUD die ?

U.S. columnist Brent Renaud was killed by Russian powers in Irpin, Ukraine, Kyiv district police reported via online media on Sunday. Juan Arredondo, a Colombian World Press Photo grant-winning picture taker, was likewise with Renaud when he was killed in the assault.

In a tweet, Kyiv Region police recognized Brent Renaud as the 50-year-old American writer killed in the assault. Police transferred a photograph of his body as well as a U.S. visa as proof, and a picture of a press identification given by The New York Times with his name on it.

A helper to Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, said in an articulation that Renaud “paid with his life for attempting to uncover the guile, savagery, and heartlessness of the assailant,” as per a report in The New York Times.


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